Game Developer

Job description

Some people don't believe in magic. Others have lost their faith in tech. At Tover, our trust in both grows each day. One smile at a time. One game at a time. Co-designing purposeful games that delight and stimulate people with cognitive challenges, calls for a full-hearted approach and an inventive mindset. Our solutions may be playful, but we solve serious care and education issues. To maximise our impact, we need to enthuse care providers, teachers, and researchers globally. By inspiring them with relevant metrics. By constantly reinventing our propositions. And by always putting smiles on users' faces. Ready to infuse your career with a healthy dose of purpose? Dare to care with us!

What is your purpose?

To enhance lives. Whether you develop for kids with cognitive challenges or people with dementia, (y)our games will positively impact their lives. While building purposeful games requires the same coding skills as designing serious games titles, it also calls for augmented social capabilities. After all, at Tover, we develop games that ensure every player wins, every time they play. This is hugely challenging because engaging or making someone with late-stage dementia smile takes real skill.

As our Game Developer, you form a (horizontal) team with game artists, game designers and a fellow game developer. Together you sign off on the core gaming mechanics. You are also a (welcome) member of a vertical team of system, back-end, and front-end developers. Together, you will zoom in on game play, graphics, sound design, and AI. This all happens in an agile setting that encourages autonomy and pioneering. You break down (often complex) user stories into tasks, help design colleagues overcome technical hurdles, and continuously coordinate with system and back-end developers, so we all know what we’re working on. And why.

The TL;DR version

  • Co-ideate and develop purposeful games, from tutorial to end product: you will use C++, OpenGL (wrapped within OpenFrameworks), GLSL and Python scripts to develop games for the ToverTafel.

  • Translate a multitude of often complex user stories into developable tasks.

  • Team up with game designers, and support them from a technical perspective.

  • Build and maintain playtesting and develop feature toggles for on-the-fly adjustments.

  • Extend the game engine feature set so we can build smarter and better.

  • Keep close tabs on the internal community, including researchers, so you develop a deep understanding of game design do’s and don’ts for our audiences.

  • Attend design spring weeks and hackathons.

  • Beat us at Mario Smash or die trying.

Job requirements

What you bring to the Tovertafel

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree or a strong gaming portfolio that makes vocational credentials seem utterly redundant.

  • 5+ years of game development experience, preferably (partly) in serious games.

  • Strong C++ skills (11 or higher) with a deep understanding of game engines and shared codebases (we do not work with pre-built engines like Unity).

  • You get GIT and are versed in (compute) shaders, image processing, Unity 3D, and 3D pipelines.

  • Design experience is not a must, but it would help if you knew how to fill in design blanks (some visual aspects can be animated by code - and it will be up to you to bring the script of our designers to life!).

What’s in it for you?
  • A competitive salary, aligned with your seniority level and 25 paid holidays days for full-time.
  • Non-stop development opportunities: when you grow, we grow, so the sky is the limit.
  • Fun company events, and drinks on our rooftop terrace with great views of Utrecht.
  • NS Business Card, laptop and all facilities for a pleasant home office.
  • An inspiring home away from home, in the old court building next to the Dom.
  • The opportunity to infuse your CV with a generous measure of purpose.

Want to work your magic for us?

Hit the apply button and surprise us with your portfolio! Want to find out more first? You can call or WhatsApp Maggie (Talent Partner) at +31 6 21 90 46 51 to discuss the position over a virtual cup of coffee.